Al - Bukhari Memorial Complex

Imam Bukhari Memorial Complex was built in the years of independece of Republic of Uzbekistan in the marabbaa (in square form with domes) style by Master Mirumar Asatov, width and length of monument is 9.0m to 9.0m. Total height of monument with dome is 17.6m.

Outer part decorated with the precious stone "Onyx" which was brought from Isfakhan city (Islamic Republic of Iran). "Onyx" - is the unique and precious rock which is the light transmissive and under the sun lights colors of its bands range from white to almost every color (save some shades, such as purple or blue). Outer side of tomb decorated with tiles in national style and top dome is decorated with porcelain tiles. On all sides of that tiles written ayahs from "Koran", on the top side of tile written whole surah "Al-Mulk" from "Koran". On the tiles of southern part of monument written 101st ayah from surah "Yusuf" and 57-60th ayahs of surah "Ghafir" in national style. On the west side written last two 285 and 286th ayahs from surah "Baqara". On the wall facing to north of monument written from 1 to 7th ayahs from surah "Al-E-Imran". Eastern walls are decorated with ayahs from 189 to 194th of surah "Al-E-Imran". Bottom part of monument is also decorated with the unique and precious rock known as black granite "Gabra"  in a harmony with columnar part of monument. Black granite brought from Ukraine.

The walls of inner side and it's dome of monument are decorated with the "Ayat-al-Kursi" (285th ayah from surah "Baqara") written in gold in national style.

On the middle part of monument in the center of monument installed symbolic tomb stone to the real tomb of Imam Bukhari. Tomb stone is also made of "Onyx".

Main part of monunent, Imam Bukhari's real tomb is placed in the cellar part of monument, entrance to cellar is from downstairs. Cellar entrance door is made of wood and it's decorated in carving style with arabic texts.

Size of cellar of monunet is 4m to 4m and in the center of cellar placed tomb and tomb stone of Imam Bukhari. Tomb stone is made of marble from Ghazghan (Nurata, Navoiy region) and decorated with the texts about Imam Bukhari's life.   




Малайзия Республикаси туризм ассосацияси

Малайзия Республикаси туризм ассосацияси “Bumiputera” туризм  операторлари 25 кишидан иборат аъзолари Имом Бухроий мажмуасига ташриф қилдилар. Зиёратчилардан жаноб Hj.Harun KC Ahmmu қуйдаги фикрларни билдирди:    Бизлар Имом Бухорий ҳазратларини яхши кўрамиз. У кишини ҳадисларидан доимо фойдаланамиз. Имом Бухорий хазратларига хурматимиз баланд, Имом Бухорий мажмуасига ташриф буюуриб жуда бахтиёр бўлдик. Келгусида Малайзиялик  мусулмонларни Имом Бухорий мажмуасига ташриф буюришини таъминлаймиз.     Hj.Harun KC Ahmmu

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