History of Imam Bukhari and Imam Bukhari Memorial Complex

Asslamu Aleykum dear visitors, welcome to our web-site. You're now visiting online the memorial complex of one of the most famous scholar in Islamic world Imam Bukhari. Imam Bukhari's full name is Abū ‘Abd Allāh Muḥammad ibn Ismā‘īl ibn Ibrāhīm ibn al-Mughīrah ibn Bardizbah al-Ju‘fī al-Bukhārī. He was born in 194 ah (Hijri) on the 13th day of month Shawwal (810, 20th july) in the village Poykant in Bukhara region.

Imam Bukhari had unique memorial abilities from earliest years of his life, in the age of 11 to 16 He memorized Imam Molik's "Al-muwatto" book and in totally He learned more than 70.000 hadiths. He had piligrimage to Mecca with his Mother and brother Ahmad in the age of 16. After He stayed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia for collecting hadiths of our prophet Muhammad (SAV) and for returning them to original state. Mother and brother of Imam Bukhari went back to Bukhara. Imam Bukhari tripped in more than 20 countries, studied in more than 1000 scholars and collected more than 600.000 hadiths of our prophet Muhammad (SAV) during 40 years. 

Imam Bukhari about conversations with muhaddiths (collectors of hadiths): "I was in Sham, Egypt, al-Jazeera two times, in Basra four times, in Hijaz I lived six years, I don't even remember how many times I was in Kufa and in Baghdad. I collected hadiths from 1080 Rawis (hadith tellers), there were those who telled at least one hadith".

Imam Bukhari (Imamad dunya, fil hadith) has the titles as the Imam of world in the hadith world (Amiril muminin fil hadith) Emir of Hadith property. After 40 years He came back to Bukhara. When He was in Bukhara He teached  hadiths to the students and masters. But some jealous people envied Him. Slanders, lies of that people broke the relations between Imam Bukhari with Emir of Bukhara Ahmad az-Zukhali. One more reason is that the Emir of Bukhara required to teach Him "Al-Jome' as-Sahih" and "At-Tarih" books in emir's place. But the answer of Imam Bukhari was: "I will not bring the knowledge to Emir's door, making knowledge disgraced. Who needs knowledge He should search it for Himself. I've never hide My knowledge from people who needed it Allah is withess" (With that words He said the knowledge shoud be searched). Emir didn't liked this answer and ordered Him to leave Bukhara. After that Imam Bukhari leaved Bukhara and started trip to Samarkand direction. After living for some period in the village Hartang which was close to Samarkand city in His relative Gholib ibn Djabrail's House He got illness and in 256 ah (Hijri) (870, september 1) in the age of 62 died and was buried in the Hartang village. His tomb is one of the sacred, holiest shrines for all Muslims.     

According to stories when Imam Bukhari was buried dispersed fragrant smell from His grave and from four corners of tomb dispersed lights. After that during the 1000 years people visited that holy place.

In spite of the fact that our great grandsire Imam Bukhari was the King of Hadith world, one of the famous, sacred, holy scholar in the world He was forbidden in the period of Soviet Union. The dplorable thing is He was very famous, respectable, sacred, holy in all over the world but not in his birthplace. HIs life and history was not studied in Uzbekistan, His tomb was desolated and abandoned.    

In the years of Independece lot of forbidden and forgotten scholars, scientists came back to our cultural world.

Imam Bukhari also was in the list of forbidden and forgotten scholars, Owing to Independece His books as "Al Jome' as-Sahih", "Al Adab al Mufrad" were translated to Uzbek language and still deeply studied in all over Uzbekistan.

Imam Bukhari's "Al-Jome' as-Sahih" is known as first book after the first one in the Islam world. "First sacred, holy book is the Koran, and the first holy book which was written by people is Imam Bukhari's "Al'-Jome' as-Sahih".

In accordance to the 217th resolution "Celebration of Muhammad ibn Ismail Imam al Bukhari's 1225th hijri anniversary" of Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan memorial complex was reconstructed by the hands of masters from Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent, Andijan, Namangan, Quqan, Shakhrisabz in short period (in eight months) according to the model of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov in 1997 april 29.

On friday october 23, 1998 was opening of Imam Bukhari Memorial Complex by the President of Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. Nowadays everyday memorial complex is fullfilled with visitors from all over the world.

In the Memorial Complex there is the Mosque where prayers are making salat (pray) five times in a day, all fridays and in Islamic Holidays. Also there are five platans with pond in the complex. All these trees were planted in XIV century by the Bukhara's Khan Abdullakhan. The age of these trees is more than 570 years.

On the right side of complex there is a museum. All the exhibits are discribed in the "Musem" page.




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