Memorial Complex Museum

On the right side after entering museum there is a Kiswah which was gifted to the President of Uzbkistan Islam Karimov by the King of Saudi Arabia Fahd ibn Adulaziz in 1992. On the kiswah written "Al E-Imran" surah's 97th aya.

In the museum there are mostly gifts given by foreign visitors.

- Imam Bukhari"s "Sahihul Bukhari" published in Egypt in 1257 ah (Hijri).

- Umdatul Kari comments to Imam Bukhari's "Sahihul BUkhari", published in 1308 ah (Hijri)

- Imam BUkhari's "Sahihul Bukhari", published in Tashkent, 1980.

- Three "Koran" books, presented by Saudi Arabian embassy in 2004.

- View of tomb of our prophet Muhammad (S.A.V), "Fatiha" and "Ikhlas" suras gifted by Uzbeks in Saudi Arabia.

- Haji AbdulBaki's gifts: Kaabatullah door's model, "Kafirun" and "Yaseen" suras gifted in 1999.

- "Koran" book with pearl cover gifted in 1999 by ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Uzbekistan.

- "Koran" and "Noor" sura's 35th aya gifted by th Prime Minister of Malaysia Abdullah bin haji Ahmad Badawiy

- "Aya al Kursi" and presents gifted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia.

- "Koran" gifted by the President of Iran Islam Republic Said Muhammad Hatami in 1996.

- "Koran" gifted by the President of Iran Islam Republic Ayatullah Rafsanjani in 1993.

- "Koran" gifted by Prime Minister of Iran Islam Republic Muhamma Reza Arif.

- "Koran" gifted by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran Islam Republic Said Kamal Horrazi in 2000.

- Stamp of Muhammad (SAV) gifted by the head of the headquarter of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Joint Commission Tariq Majeed.

- "Koran" gifted by Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Shareef.

- "Koran" gifted by visitors from Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

- "Koran" gifted by Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto.

- "Koran" gifted by delegation from Republic of Azerbaijan.

- "Koran" gifted by Djabbarov Beyuk-Aga Alibala oglu form Republic of Azerbaijan in 2009.

- "Koran" gifted by Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayip Erdogan.

- "Koran" gifted by Suleyman Demirel in 1996.

- "Koran" gifted by Servet Demir from Turkey.

- "Koran" gifted by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Turkey Ahmed Davutoglu.

- "Koran" in English and Imam Bukhari's "Shahihul Bukhari" books gifted by Dr. Akkan Suver.

- "Koran" gifted by President of Republic of Indonesia mr. Sukharta in 1995.

- "Aya al Kursi" gifted from Republic of Indonesia.

- Plate made of gold with the Kaabatullah image, "Koran" with pearl cover gifted from UAE in 1985.

- "Koran" from Republic of Bahrain.

- "Koran" from Hashimit Kingdom of Jordan.

- "Koran" from Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Singapore.

- "Koran" gifted by Tadjimat Marat Abdughani oglu from Republic of Kazakhstan in 1998.

- "Koran" from Chechen Republic.

- "Koran" from Embassy of Russian Federation.

- "Koran" published by International Charity Fund of Republic of Kuwait with Printing House of Blinds of Republic of Uzbekistan.

- "Koran" gifted by the professor of the Department of Religious studies and Philosophy of Ludwig Maximilian University of Germany Roland Pitch in 2001.

- "Koran" and Imam Bukhari's "Sahihul Bukhari" gifted by the President of Republic of Tadjikistan Emomali Rahmon.

- "Koran" gifted by visitors from Lebanon.

- Large chandelier made of copper and two carpets gifted by the King of the Kingdom of Marocco Hasan II in 1970.

- Kaaba's model from Uzbekistan Boxing Federation

- The Art of caligraphy and miniature samples of the East in VII-XXI centuries and books of masterpieces of architectural epigraphy on monuments of Uzbekistan by "Culture and Art Forum of Uzbekistan" donated by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Fund Gulnara Karimova.

- Caligraphy with the names of Allah from Uzbekistan Football Federation.

- "Koran" gifted by visitors.

- Bench gifted by Master Mahmuddjon Djurakhon ogli from Namangan district of Uzbekistan.

- "Tafsiri Hilol" gifted by visitors.



Малайзия Республикаси туризм ассосацияси

Малайзия Республикаси туризм ассосацияси “Bumiputera” туризм  операторлари 25 кишидан иборат аъзолари Имом Бухроий мажмуасига ташриф қилдилар. Зиёратчилардан жаноб Hj.Harun KC Ahmmu қуйдаги фикрларни билдирди:    Бизлар Имом Бухорий ҳазратларини яхши кўрамиз. У кишини ҳадисларидан доимо фойдаланамиз. Имом Бухорий хазратларига хурматимиз баланд, Имом Бухорий мажмуасига ташриф буюуриб жуда бахтиёр бўлдик. Келгусида Малайзиялик  мусулмонларни Имом Бухорий мажмуасига ташриф буюришини таъминлаймиз.     Hj.Harun KC Ahmmu

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