Mosque in memorial complex

Imom Bukhari Memorial Complex consists of two parts. External and internal courtyards. On the left side of internal courtyard there is a huge mosque. In the Mosque (height 6 m, width 19.5 m, length 31.5 m) can pray more than one thousand prayers at the same time. Nowadays in the Mosque everyday five times in a day and in Islamic holidays prayers makes Salat (Muslim prayer) in community. In Islamic Holiday days more than ten thousand prayers comes from all over world. That's why Imam Bukhari Mosque is the one of the biggest mosques in Uzbekistan.

There are three entrances (doors) to the Mosque. These doors are made of platan and walnut woods and decorated in Eastern style. Doors are decorated with many texts in arabic. Doors are consists of two flaps. On the right flap of the first door from right side written "Beneficent" in arabic Kufi font and "Hasten to the Prayer" in arabic Sulus font. On the left flap written "Merciful" and "Hasten to confession until death comes" in arabic Sulus font on the carving style.

On the right side of the middle door written "Oh Lord, open Your Thank doors for us!", ont left side words from 281st aya of sura "Baqara": "And guard yourselves a day in which ye will be brought back to Allah", on the right side of the door from left written "Doors of Heaven are open for Poors", on the left side written "Mercy will be given to Mercifuls".

These three doors are entrances to Mosque. Top of Mosque is in the domed form and there is installed chandelier with the weight more than 1000 kg. Central dome surrounded with four small domes and in all that domes installed small chandeliers. All that domes are decorated with carving style in harmony with chandeliers.

Mosque's floor covered with green carpets made in Khiva, Uzbekistan. In the Mosque installed amplifiers, microphones, speakers to make comfortable conditions for imams and prayers.  

For altar and sermon made wooden stage in carving style.



Малайзия Республикаси туризм ассосацияси

Малайзия Республикаси туризм ассосацияси “Bumiputera” туризм  операторлари 25 кишидан иборат аъзолари Имом Бухроий мажмуасига ташриф қилдилар. Зиёратчилардан жаноб Hj.Harun KC Ahmmu қуйдаги фикрларни билдирди:    Бизлар Имом Бухорий ҳазратларини яхши кўрамиз. У кишини ҳадисларидан доимо фойдаланамиз. Имом Бухорий хазратларига хурматимиз баланд, Имом Бухорий мажмуасига ташриф буюуриб жуда бахтиёр бўлдик. Келгусида Малайзиялик  мусулмонларни Имом Бухорий мажмуасига ташриф буюришини таъминлаймиз.     Hj.Harun KC Ahmmu

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